Disney World Trip Countdown Calendar

By admin on September 8th, 2011

Walt Disney World Countdown Calendar

When we were planning our daughter’s very first trip to WDW, little did I know that one aspect of our trip planning would become a new family WDW tradition!

In December 2008, our daughter was almost 4 1/2 years old.  At that time she was not able to grasp the concept of time……Christmas is in 2 days, we visited your grandmother yesterday, etc.  We decided to try and help her understand how long it would be until we were heading down to the Happiest Place on Earth!  I read about people making countdown calendars to help build anticipation and give a good visual element that actually show the days left until departing for WDW.  So with ideas in mind, I started making our first countdown calendar!  And Brooke loved this!  Each night before she went to bed, we marked off the day and counted the days left until our big trip.  By the time the big day arrived, she was so excited and ready to go!!

So now, just about every time we have a trip to WDW planned, we HAVE to make a countdown calendar!  Brooke is old enough now that she enjoys helping make the calendars.

Our first task is to head to Home Depot to stock up on Mickey paint samples (shhh!).  Then we make sure that we have poster board, glue sticks, markers and stickers.  Here is a look at all of our supplies before we begin creating.

Getting organized!

Getting organized!

All the Supplies!

All the supplies!



Then we figure out how many days we want the countdown to be.  Usually we have about 30 days on the calendar.  After we study the calendar and figure out the dates, then we draw the grid and write in the dates.  Brooke likes to write the dates, and she concentrates really hard!

Brooke working hard!

Brooke working hard!

The grid with dates

The grid with dates

Now it is time to put the Mickey ears on!  We take the paint samples and pull off just the ears to make it smaller.

The Separation

The Separation

After we pull off the ears, then we glue one down on each day of the calendar.  We have fun picking the color ears that we use on each day.  We even have fun with the actual name of the paint colors.  This time Brooke really liked the color A Smakeral of Honey!

All of the Mickeys on board!

All of the Mickeys on board!

When we are finished gluing all of the ears down, then Brooke gets to decorate with all of the stickers that she wants!  She has such fun with this part adding her own personal touches.  You can never have too many stickers on a countdown calendar!

Brooke's Sticker Work!

Brooke's Sticker Work!

The Finished Product!

The Finished Product!

Each night before Brooke goes to bed, she gets to mark off a day and then we count how many more days until we leave for our next adventure.  When we first started doing this, it also helped Brooke learn to count (she was just learning this in her pre-school class).  Gotta love an educational element thrown in there too!

Our countdown calendars may not be the fanciest ones, but we sure do have fun making and then using our creations!!

How do you countdown to your next WDW Trip?

Here are two other great ideas for countdown calendars if you are more skilled with computers than crafts from our friends at Disney Photography Blog and Disney Tourist Blog.



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8 Responses to “Disney World Trip Countdown Calendar”

  1. Melanie says:

    Wonderful job, Brookie!! Can’t wait to start ours! I know Riley has seen y’alls at the house, but I don’t think he realizes what exactly it is…He’s gonna have a blast!!

  2. Katie Marino says:

    I love your countdown calendar. It makes me think I need to make a craft one and a photoshop one- you can never have too many countdown calendars, right? (I actually have one at home and one at work already!)

  3. Terrie says:

    Ours is on the laundry door as we speak….counting down to Disney is so much fun this way! Thanks for the idea!

  4. hcg says:

    Tremendous. Thank you for doing such a good job. I’ll come again to read more and inform my people about this

  5. Tina says:

    Does every home depot carry the mickey ears and do they cost?

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