Interview with Tom Bricker

By Paul on September 21st, 2011

Tom Bricker's Disney World Fireworks

WDWFigment is a well know username on many Disney websites.  Tom Bricker’s Disney photography has been featured in many publications including Popular Photography Magazine, The Unofficial Guide: The Color Companion to Walt Disney World, Celebrations Magazine and more.  In addition to his day job, Tom serves as the Chief Photographer for  Along with his wife Sarah, Tom recently created his own website for Disney information – Disney Tourist Blog.  Tom’s photography is also featured in our wallpaper apps.  Below is our interview with this amazing photographer.

Where are you from?
Michigan—Great Lakes, Great Times.

Where are you currently living?

What’s your day job?

Married?  Family?
Married to my princess, Sarah. We have two children, Yossarian the Cat and Walter E. Dogsney. As you can probably guess, they’re a dog and a cat.

Any upcoming trips planned?
We’re heading to Walt Disney World at the end of September into early October, again twice in December, and to Disneyland in November. So yeah, a lot on our plates right now!

When was your first trip to WDW?

December 1984. I was in the womb at the time.

What is it about WDW that keeps you coming back?
The amazing attention to detail, the memories, moments, and the incredible offerings. Despite having been many, many times, we still have tons of new experiences each time we visit. It’s constantly evolving.

When first time WDW visitors ask you for a tip, what’s your best advice or tip for WDW?
Slow down, enjoy the moment. Eat more than just burgers and hot dogs at the many fine Walt Disney World restaurants. Also, stay on property (even if in a Value Resort) to take advantage of the “Disney Bubble” and Extra Magic Hours.

What’s your favorite WDW memory?
Proposing to Sarah on the beach of Disney’s Polynesian Resort. In case you’re wondering, she said yes!  [Read the story of this proposal]

If you could work at WDW, what’s your dream job?
In-house (legal) counsel, or possibly being a creative at Yellow Shoes.

What’s in your camera bag in the parks?
Far too much. I bring it all with me, everyday.

What other photographers inspire you?
Far too many to name. Mostly other Disney photographers. There is an incredible amount of talent in our little community!

When and how did you start shooting photographs?
I got my first point and shoot camera when I graduated from high school, and didn’t really use it. After Sarah and I took our first trip to Walt Disney World together in 2006, we each purchased new point and shoot cameras for our next trip in 2007. In 2008, I decided to move up to a DSLR with the Nikon D40. At first I got it to capture our moments together for photobooks, but it rapidly evolved into much more than that once I realized I was halfway adapt with a camera.

Signature Shot - That Classic Disney Moment When the Princess and Her Prince Look Into Each Others' Eyes and Kiss

What is your advice for the average tourist photographer at WDW?
Capture the moments of your people. Landscapes are great, but they’re (mostly) always be there. Those fleeting moments with friends and family won’t.

What’s your favorite time of year to visit WDW? Why?
Unequivocally, Christmas. I love Christmas, and no one does it better than Disney!

Six Garland Strands A-Hanging

Do you and your family have any WDW traditions?
No traditions that I can think of off the top of my head. We purchase a Christmas ornament each year we visit.

Does your non WDW friends and co-workers know about your passion for WDW?  How do you explain it?
They know, and it’s not something I can really explain. They give me a lot of grief.

Rapid Fire Questions

On Property of Off?
Without question, on property.

Ferry or Monorail to Magic Kingdom?

Mac or PC?
Only suckers use Macs. ;)

What’s your favorite park?
Disneyland Park. In Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom thanks to Tomorrowland. Epcot is a very close second.

A Midsummer Night's Polynesian Dream

Favorite Resort?
Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Favorite park for photography?
Disneyland Park.

Favorite Attraction?
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Favorite restaurant?
Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disney World, Napa Rose at Disneyland.

Favorite snack/dessert?
Butterfinger Cupcakes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

View more of Tom’s photography.

Order prints of Tom’s Disney photography.

This, Our Spaceship Earth


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