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Buses Boats and Monorails


Buses Boats and Monorails is your guide to navigating your way around Walt Disney World transportation.

In Epcot but have an ADR at Chef Mickey’s?

We’ll give you ways to make your meal on time.

Choose your location, a park, resort hotel, or restaurant, select a destination and the app will show you which bus, boat or monorail to take.

Our database includes all the parks, hotels, and restaurants at Walt Disney World.

WDW advertises that you don’t need a rental car. Complimentary transportation is provided by Walt Disney World. But trying to understand how to get around Walt’s World can leave you stranded! Buses do not run to and from every point. Many destinations will require you to take more than one mode of transportation.

Ease the confusion of getting your family around Walt Disney World and enjoy your vacation!

How do I get to Chef Mickeys?

How do I get to the Polynesian from Epcot?

We can answer all these WDW transportation issues and more!