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Be A Part of the Show

hollywoodstudiosbacklottourHave you ever been a part of the show at Disney World? While we were walking through Hollywood Studios early one morning I was asked to be a part of the Backlot Tour! It was a blast!  

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Disney World Surprise Trip

dumbo This is the look of "Heck yeah....We are going to Disney!" from our 5 year old, Brooke! On this day in March 2010, we totally surprised her. Paul and I picked her up from school early, which all by itself was totally exciting! The expression that you see above is when she finally understood that we were leaving for Walt Disney World RIGHT THEN AND THERE from the school parking lot. Brooke had no idea that we planned a surprise trip to The World. She was ready to roll! Out of all of our Disney excursions, this surprise trip was ...

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